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Modern Lenses for Modern Eyesight

Historically, humans largely relied on distance vision for their day-to-day tasks. Today, we’re constantly using our near vision on computers, phones, and tablets. All of these near vision tasks can lead to misalignment in the eyes, causing digital eye strain.

Neurolens® is the only glasses lens specifically designed to correct misalignment and reduce discomfort.

What is Neurolens®?

Just like other parts of our body, our eyes compensate if there is an issue. When there is misalignment in your eyes, your eyes move to compensate, leading to eye strain. Most prism lenses designed to correct misalignment only work for distance vision, leaving your eyes to strain at medium and close distances.

As your eyes strain in order to read screens, the brain’s trigeminal nerve is overstimulated, causing trigeminal dysphoria. The overstimulation causes uncomfortable symptoms like double vision, headaches, and neck pain.

Neurolens® corrects misalignment at all distances. By correcting misalignment for daily, up-close tasks, neurolens® relieves discomfort often caused by computers and other digital devices.

Get Relief from Eye Strain

By correcting misalignment, neurolens® can help reduce symptoms like:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Eye strain
  • Eye fatigue
  • Blurry vision
  • Dry eyes
  • Neck, shoulder, and upper back pain

Where to Find Us

You can find our beautiful clinic on S Coulter Street, right next to Freddy’s Burgers.


5221 South Coulter St
Amarillo, TX 79119

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