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Does Everyone Get Cataracts?

An older woman with cataracts undergoing a comprehensive examination of her vision and overall ocular health conducted by an optometrist.

Everyone eventually reaches the age where cataracts become the topic of choice for vision concerns. It makes sense. Cataracts are a common eye condition among older adults and a leading cause of blindness. Cataracts are your eye’s lenses becoming hard and clouding, which naturally happens as we age. Everyone gets some level of cataracts, though […]

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Difference Between Bifocal & Progressive Lenses

A young woman smiling and trying on glasses in a store while being assisted by an optician or optometrist.

Picking the right eyewear can feel overwhelming with all the choices out there. But the eyewear industry keeps evolving, introducing new and improved lenses to meet different needs and preferences.  2 common lens options for those who need multiple prescriptions are bifocal and progressive lenses. Both lenses serve the same purpose, but offer distinct differences […]

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What is the First Sign of Glaucoma?

An optometrist examines his patient's eyes with a slit lamp.

Glaucoma is often called the “silent thief of sight” because it develops without noticeable signs or symptoms and can only be identified through a comprehensive eye exam.  Glaucoma damages the optic nerve and leads to irreversible vision loss. Identifying the early signs of glaucoma is crucial for timely intervention and preserving vision.  Understanding Glaucoma Glaucoma […]

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