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Can People with Dry Eyes Wear Contacts?

Up close image of a woman placing a contact onto her right eye with her finger.

Dry Eye Effects Contact Lenses Comfort Wearing contact lenses can be a convenient alternative to eyeglasses. When your contacts fit your eyes, they move with your eye, allowing more natural vision that doesn’t get in the way of physical activities. However, contact lenses require more care and can increase the risk of eye conditions, including […]

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Can I Wear Normal Contact Lenses With Astigmatism?

Close up view of an eye with keratoconus, a type of astigmatism

Can I Wear Normal Contact Lenses With Astigmatism? If you have astigmatism, you’re not alone –this common vision problem affects a significant number of people worldwide. Astigmatism occurs when light cannot reach the retina correctly, due to a misshaped curve on the eye’s inside lens, or irregularly shaped corneas.  People with astigmatism may experience varying […]

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