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Do Dry Eyes Cause Headaches?

A man applying pressure to his temples to alleviate his headache.

Dry eyes and headaches are two common health woes that many of us have experienced at some point in our lives. If you have found yourself in the unfortunate overlap where both are present, you might be left wondering—could dry eyes be causing your headache? We don’t know the exact connection between dry eyes and […]

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Do Cataracts Cause Dry Eyes?

An older adult man sitting on a couch and holding his glasses in his left hand as he rubs his right eye with his other hand.

Aging gracefully often involves acknowledging and addressing changes in our health, particularly when it comes to our vision. 2 common eye conditions that affect older adults are cataracts and dry eye.  The current research on cataracts and dry eye suggests that there may be a connection between cataracts and dry eyes, where one can exacerbate […]

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Can People with Dry Eyes Wear Contacts?

Up close image of a woman placing a contact onto her right eye with her finger.

Dry Eye Effects Contact Lenses Comfort Wearing contact lenses can be a convenient alternative to eyeglasses. When your contacts fit your eyes, they move with your eye, allowing more natural vision that doesn’t get in the way of physical activities. However, contact lenses require more care and can increase the risk of eye conditions, including […]

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Can Underlying Medical Conditions Cause Dry Eye?

Close up an eye separated by a line showing a normal eye versus a red dry eye.

Can an underlying medical condition cause dry eye syndrome? Dry eyes are a common and typically chronic condition many people seek relief from. There are many reasons this condition occurs, but can an underlying medical condition be the cause of your dry eyes?  Continue reading to learn more about dry eyes, including if underlying medical […]

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Can Intense Pulsed Light Therapy Treat Dry Eye?

The before and after of dry eye treated by intense pulsed light therapy

You probably rarely think about your eyes—until they’re bothering you. And once they are, there’s almost nothing more irritating. If you notice a gritty or burning sensation in your eyes, you may be experiencing dry eye. Dry eye is a common yet complex condition. Varied underlying issues and environmental factors can cause your eyes to […]

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